The TradeTactix Manifesto

Trading the markets is an exercise of self discovery. Strengths and weaknesses are quickly exposed to you as the market rewards or punishes your character traits. Over confidence, fear, greed, and mental fortitude are all laid bare against the market.
The market, it seems, is out to get you. News rushes in at every direction with conflicting viewpoints from the pundits. Chart patterns, the latest indicator, sentiment, algos, and institutional traders. It’s no wonder the little guy is lost.
But, success is within your grasp. It won’t be easy. Nothing worth having is. Deep down you know that no-one cares more about your financial future than you do. You can learn to trade the markets with success and build a stable and profitable investment portfolio.
TradeTactix is here to help. We are independent traders who have been in the markets for more than two decades. But past is prolog and we look to the future for our insights so that we stay nimble. We maintain a set of core beliefs to give us a rock solid mindset at all times.

We believe:

  1. We believe that applying trade tactics (or logic) outweighs what we might “think” the market will do.
  2. We believe that consistent use of the right trade tactics over time leads to reliable profits.
  3. We believe that it is our duty to take control of our own finances.
  4. We use our small size to our advantage.
  5. We believe in always understanding our risks and act to minimize it.
  6. We believe in effective asset allocation.
  7. We believe in stacking our edges.
  8. We believe that the markets are probabilistic in nature. Our trades exist within a probability distribution.
  9. We believe that many small trades converge on identified probabilities.
  10. We believe in analyzing the markets for probabilistic outcomes in order to create edge.

We believe in YOU.

Join Us.

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